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October 17th, 2016     MONDAY
Workshop Canadian Chemicals Management Plan – CMP3  
07:30-09:00 Overview of the Chemicals Management Plan (CMP)
  • Progress To-Date
  • New and Existing Regimes
Dan Bastien, Environment and Climate Change Canada
Industry’s perspective and experience with the Chemicals Management Plan
  • Challenges and successes
Joyce Borkhoff, Intertek Scientific & Regulatory Consultancy
CMP Moving Forward
  • Status update and Moving Forward with the CMP
  • Information gathering
  • Stakeholder Engagement and Opportunities for Involvement under the CMP
  • Risk Assessment and Risk Management Work Plans
Bio Aikawa, Health Canada
Inventory Update 2016
  • Domestic Substances List Inventory Update (DSL IU)
  • Mechanics of reporting: ECCC Single Window system
Bio Aikawa, Health Canada

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Seminar 1 US Chemical Control Legislation – a platform of changes & priorities
09:15 – 13:15 Chair Michael Walls, American Chemistry Council
Overview and interpretation of the modernized US Toxic Substances Control Act
Overview of the Frank R. Lautenberg Chemical Safety for the 21st Century Act in comparison and contrast with the old TSCA Jeff Morris, US EPA
Interpretation of the key sections of the Frank R. Lautenberg Chemical Safety for the 21st Century Act:
  • Section 4 - Testing of chemical substances and mixtures
  • Section 5 - Manufacturing and processing notices
  • Section 6 - Prioritization, risk evaluation, and regulation of chemical substances and mixtures
Lynn L. Bergeson, Bergeson & Campbell P.C.
Submission of a Pre-Manufacture Notification for a chemical with potential for ecotoxicity - lessons learned by industry to help avoid delays and determination that the substance poses unreasonable risk Shannon Gainey, Evonik
The path forward for the modernized US Toxic Substances Control Act
Implementation expectations. Among others expectations and timelines for rules on:
  • Prioritization
  • Evaluation
  • Fees
  • ……
Jeff Morris, US EPA
TSCA Modernization: industry collaboration, challenges and path forward Thomas Grumbles, Sasol
Risk assessment and exposure data; The relation of the modernized TSCA with other US chemical control legislation (e.g. Federal Food, Drug & Cosmetic Act, Federal Hazardous Substances Act, Pesticides, Biocides…) Janet Collins, CropLife America
Q&A and stakeholder feedback

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13:15-14:15 Lunch break
Seminar 2 Global Supply Chain Transparency & Stakeholders
In-depth SEMINAR  
14:15-18:15 Chair Helen Medina, US Council for International Business
  • Managing the interfaces of business impact of key regulations with stakeholders. What are the external and internal stakeholders and their roles...
Mark Herwig, General Electric Company
  • The increasing need for global supply chain transparency and information on chemicals and how to effectively handle global regulatory challenges and implement regulations
Sophia Danenberg, Boeing
  • How to ensure business continuity in the value chain- Downstream user requirements and consumer demands?
Sophia Danenberg, Boeing
  • Extended producers responsibility areas
Mark Herwig, General Electric Company
  • Global Supply Chain Transparency – global initiatives
Helen Medina, US Council for International Business
  • Global Supply Chain Transparency – a business example
Wendy Brant, Walmart
  • Joint roadmap towards zero discharge of hazardous chemicals: a brand perspective
Scott Echols, ZDHC Foundation

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18:15 End of Pre conference Workshop and Seminars
19:00–22:00 Welcome Reception supported by:   haskoningDHV

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